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Verge Welness Spa Services

As a full-service spa consultant, we can provide a comprehensive feasibility and needs analysis study helping our clients to make the most informed decisions regarding the development of a leisure facility. This includes input regarding the most appropriate include size, scope and complexity for the facility and projected financial results.

Spa Design & Development

We are not the one who only helps you manage the spa, but also make sure to earn you returns with current marketing trends. And developing website is the first step of digital marketing.

Management & Solutions

Promoting your website online to get traffic and ranking it top on of the competitors is our next aim. So that clients come walking through your door and emerge your business.

Products & Treatments

It is one of the best and classic marketing tool to retain your customers and keep them update with new offers. Just one click and your messsage reaches to hundreds and even millions.

Pre-launch and Opening

The print medium is solid medium as it is spread to even the remotest of places. The SPA reaches people by introducing a great graphic of the brand and its services through print ads via newspapers, magazines and pamphlets

Staff Recruitment

While quickly scanning the magazine, the readers will stop immediately to notice a different kind of hair spa available near their homes. This is rise a curiosity in them to try it out and thus it will become one of their favorites.

Advertising & Marketing

Along with celebrities being associated with the brand, the PR outcome achieves the position of your brand as it extents appreciation and drives gratitude in media via extreme sources.